“absurdist horror”?

Absurdist horror is a microgenre I just made up.

Think of it as a home for stories that are strange, succinct, bleak, comical, confusing, and disturbing.

Think of it as a book shelf Samuel Beckett, Russell Edson, and Joy Williams share with Shirley Jackson, Brian Evenson, and Junji Ito.

It’s the book shelf where my books fit best.

Think of it as an aesthetic, a sensibility, a gut feeling, a vibe.

Think of the world we live in and the way we live in it.

Or just think of it as the email newsletter / website where I post occasional updates about my stories and other stuff I’m up to.

Or don’t think of it at all.

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Absurdist horror fiction. Creepy shit. Probably fungi. Definitely slime.


Rick Claypool (he/him) is the author of SKULL SLIME TENTACLE WITCH WAR (2024), TENTACLE HEAD (2022), THE MOLD FARMER (2020), and LEECH GIRL LIVES (2017). He grew up outside of Pittsburgh and currently lives in Rhode Island.